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delivering successful leadership transitions

what we do - 2: post appointment: the leadership team

Often neglected in the transition period are the members of the team, which the new leader will inherit. Rarely are members of the team unaware of the impact of a new leader. Without any opportunity to reflect on the new context, the danger of self-preservation type behaviours may be increased. We could begin to see too great a focus on individual performance, an unwillingness to take on additional responsibilities or to offer support to other team members. Of course the alternative scenario can also exist: team members recognise the value of working collaboratively on ‘business as usual’ and perhaps also of identifying opportunities for innovation to develop in advance of the new leader arriving.

Our research into the workings of top teams provided an opportunity to really understand the dynamics and dilemmas of top team working and we draw upon this body of knowledge when working with the incumbent team.

In our experience, a focus on this group to help them in their collective working is an under- recognised area of need during transition. Facilitated discussions to guide the team and prepare them for the future can, in our experience, pay significant dividends.

Again, we can discuss the details with you in relation to specific requests.