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delivering successful leadership transitions

what we do - 1: pre-selection - leadership succession management

Leadership succession management covers a range of activities. In this context we view it as an opportunity to conduct a systematic ‘stock take’ of the wider leadership landscape prior to making a senior appointment. This activity is often of most significance when a change of leader at the top, or close to the top of the institution is being considered. Often the incumbent leader judges that to make any change at the period in their last 12 months or so in role would be limiting the opportunity for the new leader to ‘take stock’ and build their own team. This view has it merits and in some instances is clearly correct. In others, however, we believe the incumbent leader should undertake a systematic review of the aspirations and expectations of their team in advance of the new leader arising.

At this stage we work with the existing leader to help them undertake a succession ‘stock-take’ and resolve any long-standing issues which require attention before the new leader is appointed.

We do not normally get involved during the search and selection process although on occasions we have acted as independent advisors working alongside those appointed to undertake the search. Our role in very limited at this stage but on occasions it has proved to be of value to a Chair of the Board to have an independent source of guidance as the selection process unfolds.