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delivering successful leadership transitions

what we do - 2: post appointment: the incumbent new leader

The period prior to taking up the leadership role in the institution is a real opportunity to support the new leader as they prepare to take up post. Typically this period is between 3-6 months - although in extremis it can extend to 12 months. The new leader has often two demanding and somewhat competing agendas: handing over their current responsibilities and preparing for the new role.

At this stage we often combine a coaching and mentoring approach. The former element is handled by an experienced CEO transition coach and the latter mentoring role by an experienced recent VC. We would normally offer the new leader a choice of 2 or 3 potential mentors.

The incoming new leader will already have formed a series of views about the priorities when they take up the post - and indeed will have often set out their emerging agenda in the selection stage. Now is the opportunity to reflect further on these emerging issues and do some further pre-planning.

We help at this stage by structuring the pre-planning process providing a safe space to explore possible scenarios and options.

It is vital that some appropriate level of access to the institution is possible during this period. Again we can help negotiate appropriate access to information and people at this stage helping smooth the handover process.