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delivering successful leadership transitions

what we do - 2: post appointment: the outgoing (legacy) leader

Typically, and correctly, the outgoing leader will wish to retain as active a leadership role as possible and not allow the appointment of the new leader to distract from ‘business as usual’. This is to be applauded even though all those around are now only too aware that much of their future lies in the hands of the new incumbent leader. On occasions the desire to retain a firm handle on the business as usual agenda leads the ‘legacy leader to keep the incumbent leader at ‘arm’s length’ from much of the work under way with very limited access or ore rarely no access until the day of the handover. This is much less easy to applaud. Extreme ‘arm’s length’ transitions are unhelpful to both the organisation and the incumbent leader.

We work with the legacy leader to address how they can and should use the period leading up to their day of departure. We help them ensure that their last 100 days in role are as productive and positive an experience as their first 100 days. Rather than simply a countdown to an appropriate event recognising the contribution of the outgoing leader, this is also a time for some reflection and action to ensure the new leader inherits an institution, which is well led.