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developing financial skills

developing the team through simulation

Our simulation tools enable the modelling of a business or one of its component parts, and can run through time. This enables experimentation with the components of income, costs, capital flows and expenditures, cash flow and funding. All the variables which impact upon profitability can be tested.

Senior management teams can experiment with a replication of their own enterprise, and measure the possible impacts of decisions against a backdrop of changing external stimuli.

We have a broad repertoire of models which adapt to the financial shape of the client organisation. We also have years of experience of using these in top team development, in preparing senior management groups for promotion, in designing and running development and assessment centers.

examples of our work includes :

  • Top team workshops simulating the running of their business in professional firms
  • Top team simulations in Higher Education
  • University simulation in long-running senior management development program
  • International senior management development program in global IT software company
  • Top team exploration of strategic business plan options in large law firm
  • Senior management development centres in large telecoms provider