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developing financial skills

innovative and involving training which gets close to the real business

We create bespoke financial training programs for our clients, both in professional services and higher education. These are crafted to help people understand the finances of their business and its sensitivity to change. Courses are based closely on the real financial shape and performance of the enterprise, and we often work closely with the finance department of the client to ensure that an accurate financial representation of the business is created.

We work in in five key skill areas, helping program participants to;

  • Build a holistic sense of the financial shape and performance of their business.
  • Understand how to optimize the performance of a department.
  • Develop strategies for costing and pricing intellect products.
  • Develop skills in the interpretation of financial documents.
  • Acquire understanding of specific subjects such as project evaluation and company valuation.

Our programs are designed to be highly participative . Sessions comprise tutor-led discussions, together with group activities which use financial modelling tools to explore financial sensitivities.