Global Engagement
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leading industry - higher education engagement workshop

achieving successful outcomes & impact
Sydney 26th - 27th September, 2016 or Melbourne 28th - 29th September 2016

A two-day program for senior researchers, research managers, academics starting to engage with industry and industry leaders involved with universities.

This new programme will be held in September 2016 and is being planned in partnership with Ethos Australia to combine perspectives from consultants from both Australia and the UK.

The programme will include:-

  • The context challenges (The strategic imperative for both universities and industry to engage)
  • Best practice in industry university engagement (A focus on international comparisons)
  • Strategic capabilities (At a more strategic level what are some of the key skills, processes and models which can support effective engagement?)
  • Tactical capabilities (At a more operational level what can you do to be effective at a more tactical level?)
  • Developing a coordinated and integrated engagement plan (How do you bring these factors together to create a more coordinated, effective and durable approach to engagement?)

Details of this event and how to register can be found here and here .