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developing experienced leaders

personalised strategic leadership development (pslp)

The PSLP experience starts with a conversation. Not just a chat but a well- informed, career review discussion which allows us to assess what you are really seeking from the PSLP and whether this is right for you.

So what are the potential component elements of the programme?

Executive coaching. We would expect many of those who sign up for the PSLP will have had experience of coaching already. Our tailed coaching process will build on this and enable you to explore your current leadership reality and shape your future career ambitions.

360 degree feedback. We offer a range of tailored 360 processes and we’ll discuss these with you to help you assess which (if any) might be right for you.

Strategic leadership insight. We anticipate those participating in the programme will already have well developed capabilities as an institutional leader. We add to this by enabling you to develop both your internal and external facing strategic leadership capabilities.

Global engagement, global challenge opportunity. Those selected will have an opportunity to join up to 15 other senior leaders attending one of our global engagement events. See section developing global leaders.

Network development. All leaders need to develop and extend their network and we aim to broaden your connections and connect you to others with whom we can see mutual benefit.

Mentoring. We anticipate that many of those who participate may already have had one or more people who have assisted in their development in a formal or informal mentoring capacity. Again depending on the needs of the individual we can extend your mentoring networks.

Shadowing and exchange. One option which may be of value is to spend a short period in another institution of organisation to ‘walk in the shoes’ of another leader or to establish some form of exchange arrangement. This experience could be in the UK or in another country.

Other approaches. These are merely illustrative and we will work with you to ensure your PSLP is indeed distinctly unique.