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Visit Ontario 13th-18th October, 2019

The following headlines from the January newsletter of Universities Canada speak to some of the hot topics facing higher education in Canada. They also highlight themes which are shared with many higher education systems across the globe.

  • University autonomy is shrinking in Canada: one conclusion from a recent study of six research-intensive universities finds that government regulation and accountability measures have been increasing across five provinces.
  • Business schools offer a growing number of specialty programs as alternatives to MBAs: the once-ubiquitous MBA degree is being replaced by shorter, more targeted master’s programs.
  • Conference hears of women’s continued frustration over equity in STEM fields: “I’m a little bit saddened that we’re still talking about this,” says chief science advisor Mona Nemer.

In universities all over the world, these themes will resonate. The changing market for HE, the regulatory and governance structures, the place of universities in society: all are sources of debate, sometimes with more questions than answers. Given that we face similar challenges the world over, there’s much that we can learn from the experience of others in their contexts.

To explore the many pressing issues facing higher education we will hold the 10th in our Global Engagement series of immersive experiences for higher education leaders in Canada. These events provide a unique opportunity to explore and discuss, with a small group of higher education leaders from the UK, Australia and elsewhere some of the policy, strategy and leadership challenges facing your counterparts in Canada.

We believe we have curated a stunning line up of engagements. Over a 5 day event we will be visiting 7 universities in Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton and Waterloo as well as engaging with Universities Canada and other policy bodies which coordinate the work of universities across the province of Ontario.

We intentionally limit the number of participants to maximise the opportunity for interaction and discussion. Past participants on our programs have included Vice Chancellors, Provosts/DVCs, COOs, Deans and Directors. On this occasion we will be offering places to a number of senior leaders from beyond the UK to join a similar number from the UK.

The Programme will be led by Dr Tom Kennie, founding Director of Ranmore, a ‘niche’ consultancy focused on higher education. Based in the UK he is also an Honorary Senior Fellow at the LH Martin Institute at the University of Melbourne. The event will be co-led with Ant Bagshaw from NOUS, another experienced policy focused consultant who also works across the UK and Australia.

The programme fee for participants from the UK is £4,950 (exc. VAT). The fee includes all meals and travel during the programme and is exc. of accommodation and travel to and from Canada. If you would like to discuss any aspect of the programme please contact Tom on +44 7956677860 or by email at

A copy of the outline programme and how to register your interest can be found here.