Global Engagement
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developing global leaders

extending horizons, building networks and growing partnerships

Few leaders in any sector will not have recognised the highly connected and global nature of their activities. As a consequence many more are also recognising the need to extend their horizons to understand other regions and cultures, the value of growing partnerships with other international organisations and the value of extending their leadership capabilities as the geographic reach of their activities widens.

In response to these trends we are also extending our reach and work in in six key areas;

  • Tailored ‘global engagement: global challenge’ experiences - in depth opportunities to immerse yourself in understanding some global challenges and engaging with leaders in another country.
  • Developing globally oriented leaders. We have designed and are running a range of programmes involving participants from many different countries.
  • Delivering tailored international leadership development programmes (ILDP) for leaders in other countries.
  • Providing UK based international leadership programmes for leaders from other countries who wish to gain insights about the UK.
  • Using leadership development to grow international partnerships between leaders in different institutions; and
  • Global advisory and consultancy services to organisations seeking to extend their understanding of their international work.

In this section we outline, through relevant case study examples, where we are focusing our attention and some of the many ways in which we can help you grow your global ambitions and connections.

Details of our 2016 programme of Global Engagement: Global Challenge events to Australia (Melbourne and Adelaide) in February and the US in April (Philadelphia) can be found here.