Global Engagement
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developing globally oriented leaders

case 1: king’s college london - harvard school of dental medicine

Global challenges demand global leaders. If we are to meet the challenges and identify the opportunities that the next decade will bring to global oral health then we will need leaders who are expert in the theory and practice of strategic leadership.

Senior dental leaders need chances to critically reflect on their roles now and in the future. Only then can they fully realise their capacity to create change


The programme will develop and enhance key strategic leadership competences. It will also allow individuals to network with an international group of leaders working towards the same objectives.

“Without good leadership, resources are wasted and we do not win the support of global health researchers and funders. The SDL programme existes to nurture a global alumni of key senior dental leaders.”

Professor Raman Bedi

Dr Tom Kennie has been involved in the delivery of the programme since its inception in 2006. Further details are available here.