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post-referendum politics & policy analysis
a series of leadership dialogues to develop your response to BREXIT & the new government

THE INSIDE TRACK is a chance for you to gain a deeper understanding of the politics, policy development process and policy implications in a post-referendum world. Whether you are already an experienced leader of external and government affairs, a senior institutional leader who wishes to enhance their understanding of the live issues of today or an academic leader who wishes to understand where and how decisions about the future of higher education are shaped, we are sure you will find these events of value.

THE INSIDE TRACK is an outcome of the partnership formed between Wonkhe and Ranmore. It brings together their distinctive strengths in political and policy analysis and strategic-level leadership development.

THE INSIDE TRACK development approach is well tried and tested having been used on the UK Top Management Programme (TMP). It combines strategic horizon scanning, experiential group working, focused fact finding and access to senior politicians, civil servants and other influential players in the landscapes surrounding the policy issues being explored. Above all, it is also a living laboratory where senior leaders can come together for collective ‘Chatham House’ discussions and debates.

what are the benefits of participation?

This is an opportunity to:

  • immerse yourself in a number of post-referendum and new government strategic challenges which are and will face higher education institutions;
  • work with a network of colleagues to gain new insights into the hot issues of the moment and to discuss the implications of these for your institutions, the sector and above all for students and staff;
  • gain first-hand exposure to the lived realities of ‘emergent’ policy making as the new political landscape unfolds;
  • further develop the leadership skills required to engage with and influence policy makers; and
  • obtain new insights into being effective as an externally engaged leader.

who is the programme for?

The programme is for those in senior leadership positions in HEIs and other agencies, from Chief Executive/Vice Chancellor; DVC’s and PVC’s or equivalent; other members of senior leadership teams; heads of external/government affairs together with senior level academic or professional leaders at Dean and Director level. It might also be of interest to those with governance responsibilities in universities.

about us

Wonkhe is the home of higher education policy wonks: those who work in and around universities and anyone interested and engaged in higher education policy, people and politics. Our mission is to improve policymaking in higher education and provide a platform for the new or previously unheard voices and perspectives in the sector. Wonkhe is not partisan and not aligned to any particular policies, politics or interests. Wonkhe does not have its own editorial view – our voice is represented only through our many different contributors and their diverse ideas and perspectives. See

Ranmore is a ‘niche’ provider of leadership development to the higher education sector. Formed close to 20 years ago they have built a strong reputation for their strategic level development work, particularly with top management teams and with senior leaders across the sector. Dr Tom Kennie (with Professor Robin Middlehurst) were the original designers and Programme Directors of the Top Management Programme (TMP) for 14 years. More recently they have been extending their footprint internationally. Tom recently joined the LH Martin Institute at the University of Melbourne as an Honorary Senior Fellow and Ranmore are running, in collaboration with the HEA, a series of Global Insights programmes in Australia, Ireland and the US in 2017. See

Further details of our forthcoming events can be downloaded here.